Friday, February 4, 2011

Faux-Tee Fiiiive & Facebook

Okay, I’ll go ahead and admit it … I turned 45 earlier this week.

Yeah, I know – that’s old.

I think I thought I would forever be in my 20’s.

In my 20’s I still felt like I was in my 20’s.

In my 30’s I had my first child and still felt like I was in my 20’s.

Now here I am in my mid 40’s and I feel like I’m 70.

Something is off with the math. Is that what they call ‘new math’?

Now on to the second part of the subject - FACEBOOK.

I love FB, I really do but my dear sweet husband doesn’t understand why. He thinks it’s silly. Lame. A waste of time. And probably a few other things that he hasn’t shared with me because he loves me. Even if I do love facebook. And him of course.

But the tie in to FB & my birthday is this – I really, really, really enjoyed all the facebook notes I received that day. So many times I have posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ note on someone’s wall and really didn’t think of it as being that big of a deal. But being on the receiving end of all those notes I know it is a big deal & I appreciated each and every one because it gave me reason to take a little trip down memory lane. For each little note that popped up there was a corresponding memory that came to mind. You know the whole “equal and opposite reaction” thing. And to be honest, I did a lot of laughing that day.

Here’s a few little snippets that come to mind.

From a dear friend in middle school – Us skipping one of our 7th grade classes. Our teacher, who just so happened to be the principal, never ever took roll. Which translated to a hand full of pre-teen girls that said teacher didn’t know who was and who wasn’t in class. So we skipped. And yes, he did know. Smart eh’?

From another middle school friend who also happened to be my boyfriend in 6th grade –I remember bopping him over the head with his cap which also happened to contain the lock from his locker. Let’s just say that the interaction of the cap/lock/skull wasn’t pretty. I remember blood. Being horrified. His mom coming to get him to take him to the doctor. We had a basket ball game that day which of course he didn’t make. So I did what every decent skull bashing girlfriend should do – I broke up with him.

A friend who sent me roses when Ryan was born. Except I never expected a friend to send roses and thanked my dear husband profusely when they were delivered. Awkward at best.

My 5th grade boyfriend who asked my best friend out after I broke up with him. I returned a necklace he gave me, he gave it to her. Later when they broke up she kept it. Obviously she was smarter than me  Oh yeah, and I had a b-day note from her too. She’s still smarter than me.

The daughter of my best friend (who is now deceased) - we used to go to South Padre Island together every year. On one trip - or maybe two :-)we went south of the border and danced all night. Fun! Now I hope my son isn’t reading this as I’d have his hind end if he did anything so foolish.

You get the point, it was like that all day long. Old friends, new friends. Friends I’ve laughed with and cried with and a few I’ve even exchanged hurtful words or feelings with at one time or another. But friends nonetheless and friends I am very thankful to have. And so this is my little plug for Facebook – I love ya’ man. A place where all those friendships collide and a place I can always go to get a good laugh.


Lori Lynn said...

You nearly got me in trouble here at work as I laugh out loud at my computer. Clearly there is nothing I SHOULD be laughing at.

I love your trip down memory lane. You are younger than I as we are the same age for about a couple of weeks, and then I shall turn 46. Yet, I don't feel 70. I still think I am 30 or sometimes 25. Please don't tell me otherwise as I am already trying wrap my brain around the big 50 coming quickly around the corner.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I know what you mean...I will be 48 this year and I feel at least 70 years old. People make me laugh that say because I have young children it will keep me feeling young...not! lol

Glad you were able to stroll down memory lane...hope you had a great birthday!!!!

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

See what quitting Face Book has done to me? I don't know ANYBODY'S birthdays anymore! Hope your day was perfect!!

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Oh shoot - and now that I've quit, I can't spell it right anymore either :) Facebook, Rachel. Not Face Book. Luckily I don't teach English . . .