Friday, January 21, 2011

Whoaaa - We Now Have a Teenager In The House!

Today we celebrate Ryan's 13th birthday!!! A teenager in the house again, YIKES! It's been a few years since we've had that!

Ryan is

Funny - Love that little guys sense of humor

Tall - Guess I should quit referring to him as 'little guy' as he's now at least as tall as me if not a little taller.

A Wonderful Big Brother - He of course has his moments, as do all of us - but generally speaking he is helpful with the girls, watches out for them, loves wrestling with Emma ... with a tad bit of bossy thrown in for good measure.

Fun - Even from the time he was little, he was always fun to take places. He has one of those dispositions where he's pretty much happy wherever we go and like us, loves checking out new places to explore, visit or try.

Smart - Very smart. May a mother brag for moment? He's never made less that an A on a report card!!! Not that there hasn't been a few iffy grades in between, but he manages to get his affairs in order before report card time.

Talkative - Lord have mercy that child is talkative. I can easily see him being a sports commentator or something along those lines. He can talk at length over nothing! LOL - I know he's gonna get me for that but it's true.
Go - LOVES to Go! Anywhere, anytime - just say the word go and he loads up.

Near & Dear - But the thing most near and dear to my heart, is that - HE LOVES HIS MAMA WITH ALL HIS HEART!!!! And of course the feeling is mutual :-)

Happy Birthday Ryan, I sure love ya'!

Three months old - my handsome little honey bunny.

Six months old - that's when his little personality really started coming out!

I think he was 2 in this one. It's weird, I didn't think I needed to mark pictures because I would always KNOW when they were taken. Now here it is 13 years later and I think I know, but not sure I know.


Kristie said...

Can't believe he is 13! He is such a handsome young man and pretty baby. They do grow up to fast!

Diane and John said...

Happy Birthday Ryan....what beautiful pictures...very precious! We are expecting the largest snow storm of the season this week...eeek! Hope all is well..I need to know what kind of camera you use since all of your pictures are so extremely vivid! Love the picture of Ryan with the girls in your header!