Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amy's The Best

You know how you cross paths with people in the comings and goings of your life, and how sometimes there are those you just instantly click with, like, admire - all those good things? Well, that sums up how I feel about Amy. She was Emma's first daycare teacher when the daycare at my work opened up. We had only been home with Emma for a few months at the time. And not only did I instantly like Amy, Emma did too and the feelings were obviously mutual from Amy toward Emma. So started what I hope to be a long, long friendship!

Amy has since moved on to another job but she still comes to the daycare at least once a week to see Emma and on most days takes her out running around. Sometimes it's the library, sometimes to the mall - just anywhere to go spend some special one on one time. Not too long ago she took Emma to "Build-A-Bear" for her birthday outing! Emma had been asking and asking to go there even going so far as to tell me she just wanted to go in "for a minute". She and Emma made "Sally" (that's another story to tell) and now Sally is Emma's best buddy. Last week Amy took her with her to have her nails done and while she was there she had Emma's painted too - bright, bright pink with sparkles! Emma loves the extra attention and was more than pleased with her "Fancy Nancy Nails"!

All that to say, everyone needs an Amy in their life. It's even more special to us given the fact that all of our family lives at least 12 hours away.

Amy graduated from college this past weekend & wanted her parents to meet Emma while they were in town for her big day. So, we finally got a chance to meet the "honorary grandparents" and after meeting them I realized why Amy is such a sweet and special young lady. They were just as sweet as Amy! Apparently they have heard all kinds of Emma stories and love her without knowing her. They even brought gifts for the little munchkin as well as the cutest little homemade cookies with her name on them. It tickles us to no end how much our little one is loved.

And to end this post, I took Emma shopping to buy a graduation present and of all places to go, she wanted to go buy a monkey at Build-A-Bear! Amy loves monkeys and I think was most touched by Emma's gift!

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