Friday, May 23, 2008

Tragic Accident

One of the first things I read yesterday morning was the heartbreaking story of the death of Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter - Maria. I couldn't get this story out of my mind for the rest of the day. Our hearts and prayers go out to this wonderful family and especially for their son. We pray the Lord sees them through this time and that their hearts be healed from the tragedy. This story touched me not so much because of their adopted daughters but from the aspect of having older children driving and also from the aspect of all of us being guilty of not really paying as close attention as we should.

The impact their family has had on international adoption is amazing. Not only do they talk about their belief in caring for the orphans of the world but they "walk" what they "talk". They have also set up a foundation to help families with some of the costs of adoption as well as partnering with churches to setup adoption funds within the church body.

This morning I ran across the story of a song he had written for his daughters - not only will the song bring tears to your eyes, but the story behind it. We could all take heed to his words.


Marla said...

Hi Carolin,

This has had me so upset since it happened. It's very close to home. We are keeping them in our prayers as well.

On another note, I'm blogging now...YEAH.

Leslie set it up for me, and added you to my blogroll. Is this ok with you?

Denise Lacy Spoelker said...

Well, I just hit your link and watched the video Cinderella with his comments, and cried my eyes out. Then I started watching his video blogs about his girls and saw little Maria dancing and laughing and reminding me so much of my little girl - and so I cried my eyes out more.
That's a lot of crying my eyes out. Don't think I can take any more tonight.