Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shoes - Or Lack Thereof

Ever since we have had Emma we have had issues with her not wanting to wear shoes. We don't know for sure what she wore in the orphanage but in the few pictures we do have she is wearing socks. Even when we were in China though, you could put on shoes and socks and before you could turn around they would be off again. Once we were home with her she would take them off any time we got in the car and the second we walked in the house. There's just something about her that doesn't like having her little foot confined.

We hadn't been home long at all until she fell head over heals in love with flip flops! All the little girls at church would let her try on their flip flops and once her foot grew enough to find some to fit we started buying them for her. Needless to say, baby girl still LOVES flip flops!

Here's a pair she got for her birthday and they quickly became her favorite pair!

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