Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Time and Flip Flops

I've been meaning to blog about this, but wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not ... a month or so ago, Emma had really been on my case about wanting to wear flip flops to daycare. I kept putting her off telling her it was too cold (which it was - but the child would wear them year 'round if I would let her) and that as soon as it warmed up she was more than welcome to wear them.

One morning she was particularly persistant but I held out. Right after she got settled into her car seat and I was trying to buckle her in, she leaned her head out the door and yelled (really loud I might add) "JESUS AND GOD. WHEN IS SPRING GOING TO BE HERE?!"

What gets into their little noggins? I'm thinking we need to start in on the reverent aspects of Christiantiy!

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Leslie said...

OMG Carolin, that is so funny. I'm glad you shared.