Friday, December 26, 2008

13 Days Until Departure!

With Christmas now behind us it's time to start thinking of our trip. Not that I wasn't thinking about our trip over Christmas, because I was ... I just had a lot of other things on my mind too! It's hard to believe though but we have only 13 days until departure. So much to get done!

We were there in May the last time so we really only had one climate to think about, hot and humid. This time we will be up north for about half the trip and then in the southern part of China for the last half. We're told to expect Chicago type weather in Beijing and Xian but Florida type weather for Guangzhou. Sure wish there was an easy way to pack for that!


Marla said...

How exciting, I cant wait to chat about your trip!

Felicia said...

Wow...I know the excitement and anticipation must be through the roof. Look forward to your trip and reading your posts from China.