Thursday, December 4, 2008

Starfish Connections

I recently blogged about all the "Starfish" connections that we have encountered via the cyber world. It's just simply amazing to me and I struggle to find the words to explain how much I treasure and appreciate each little note on Rebecca that I receive. I have no idea how many volunteers have passed through the doors at the Starfish Home during the time that Rebecca has been there but it seems like that for the ones that have somehow found me, they all were touched by her little soul. All these little glimpses into her personality - what a treasure chest of words! I still haven't even blogged about the very first thing I ever read about Rebecca, I need to get that done.

Anyway, earlier this week there was a delightful comment on my blog that tickled the absolute daylights out of me. The pictures from my new friend from the Netherlands were a delight & then now from a lady who lives in Canada - how cool is that!

"Nearly fell off my chair when I saw Rebecca's cheeky little face.........we spent 3 weeks at Starfish last March ......please check out our blog and email us. I probably have some photos to add to your collection. I am so happy for her and for you."

We've traded emails now & she posted this on her blog - what a sweet post!

All these people who have met our daughter and all of these people that care about her life. Isn't that just amazing!


Felicia said...

The world is so vast, yet so small. God is connecting the dots.

Leslie said...

How can you not believe in the Red Thread. This has been such an amazing adoption to watch unfold.
Are you packing yet?
Miss you, and hopefully we can get together at Marla's on New Year's Eve!!!!

sierrasmom said...

Carolin, I came across their blog the other day and was scrolling through it when I recognized Rebeccas's face. I think I was on someone else's blog and it listed them as a blog they read. I couldn't believe it. I thought" I know who that is that's Carolin's Rebecca!!!
PS less than 5 weeks to go!!!!