Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emma & Molly

I'm so far behind on blogging ... sorry, work is kicking my beeee-hind lately but hopefully it will ease up next week.

Since the first of the school year, Emma has been attending a new preschool. It is at our church and Ryan attended there when he was a little guy too. Most of his friends today are the same little boys he went to preschool with back when he was 4! So, we made the painful decision to move Emma, not because of any angst with her old daycare but to have her in an environment where she would become buddies with the little kids she will start school with.

All that to say, as much as we feel it was the right decision, we miss her old daycare terribly. It was onsite at my work so she was able to go to work with me and come home with me ... and I could go see her in the middle of the day or anytime I could fit it in. It's also caused her to now be in daycare an hour longer each day and I SOOO miss our daily commute.

All that to say, a week or so ago (I lose track of time!) one of my co-workers set up a playdate/girls night out with me and Emma as well as Emma's friend Molly from her old daycare & Molly's mom. They were best of buds for several years and used to have the best time playing with one another. The girls were absolutely delighted to see one another! They kissed, and they hugged and they kissed and hugged some more. It was SO cute! I know Emma misses Molly terribly & the whole playdate thing was such a great idea but something I would probably have put off 50 times but thankfully Lori set a date and planned the evening.
Thank you Jesus for such kind and thoughtful friends!


amy said...

look how big ms. molly is! they are to cute!

Felicia said...

They are so cute together. They have a sweet little relationship.