Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's dark and rainy, very nice weekend until late today. Hear that my family & friends in Oklahoma have had a weird spring snow - hopefully it's not headed out this way.

I Am Thinking: Vacation. Planning a vacation. I used to love planning our vacations, but last year ended up putting it off and then completely winging it. We had such a good time that I'm thinking maybe that's the new way of doing it instead of all this pre-planning stuff! We've decided on North Carolina this summer, somewhere in the Outer Banks and then maybe a few days in Virginia. We should be able to mark off two more state Capitols for the goose.

I Am Thankful For: For the Easter season and all that it represents for us. A God who loves us so much that he would send his one and only Son to die for each and everyone of us. I think I've shared this before, but even though I was a born again believer, had been baptized, regularly attended church ... it wasn't until Ryan was born that I even had a clue as to how much He loves us. Sitting in the hospital the day after he was born and holding him up tight, I was overtaken with emotion of how much I loved the little guy. It hit me, that the love I felt for him was just a smidgen of how God loved us and I was just completely overwhelmed. I had just never gotten it before that. The funny part of that though is that the nurse came in to see me crying and came back later to talk about postpartum depression ... now that's funny. I was overjoyed/overwhelmed with love - not depressed!

From The Kitchen: The kitchen? Where's that? Haha. That reminds me of a funny thing our pastor in Texas said one time. He said he & his wife were discussing dinner and she said "take me somewhere I've never been before". He said that he took her to their kitchen. LOL. Last week I did make some homemade salsa and guacamole for my coworkers and also made a yummy breakfast casserole. Craving something lemon-y though in a major kind of way.

I Am Wearing: blue shorts, gray t-shirt. So glad that shorts weather is almost upon us!

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Still discouraged on our lack of getting anything done on the rooms upstairs. My sweet hubby assures me it'll get done when the weather warms up. I did get all the carpet & carpet tacks pulled up from the stairs this weekend. My fingers are sore! Loved the 'bare' look and even googled images of painted stairs and was all for that, until the 529,342nd time I heard the clomping of short people and decided maybe that's not such a good idea.

I Am Going: Back to work in less that 12 hours. Why is it weekends pass by so quickly?

I Am Reading: Just finished "The Politician". Really not sure why I read it since we lean way right politically but I couldn't hardly put it down. Goodness, what a story. Getting ready to start and Lisa See book, "Peony in Love".

I Am Hoping: The rooms get finished, soon.

I Am Praying For: Our church. We had a prayer walk in our little community a few weeks ago and then handed out "Find it Here" packets to the same homes we had prayed for. Praying that lives can be touched in our little community.

I Am Hearing: Home Improvement on the tv ... Brian loves that show and I think it's pretty funny too.

Around The House: At attempt at cleaning this weekend, but still have some more laundry to put away and some more cleaning to be done. It really seems to be futile at times. Three you know whats are so much harder to clean up after than one you know what. Not that I don't treasure the little mess makers.

One Of My Favorite Things: Hearing my sweet husband laugh. He's so quiet and pretty reserved but he has the funniest sense of humor and has such a gift of making little things fun/funny. He cracks me up.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: A busy week ahead. Of course, like this week would be any different than our other weeks. Baseball practice starts this week, church for Brian & Ryan on Wednesday. Heart doctor appointment for Bex on Thursday. Ryan gets to be a page for our state representative this week. Gymnastics for the girls on Thursday.

Have a great week everyone!


Courtney said...

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. We are having rain here tonight too but I am thankful it is not snow. Enjoy your week!

quilt-n-mama said...

I am so far behind, I'm trying to catch reading your blog! I've missed doing that! I hope Bex's heart appointment goes great tomorrow! We LOVE the Outer Banks!!! It's been so long since we were there but the last time was amazing.... of what I would give right now to wake up to the sound of the sulf, the smell of the salty seas.... Can we come too:)
Take care friend and I hope you are doing well!