Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Heart Of The Matter

Little Miss Rebecca had her yearly heart check up today. She was all excited, tickled to see the doctor, giggled while they attached the electrodes for her EKG ... and flashing her beautiful smile for everyone. Just quite the little trooper. All was well until they hooked up a heart monitor and told her she could not mess with it and had to wear it for an entire day. She went from smiling to somber in about 2.3 seconds.

As soon as the nurse walked out of the room I looked at my sweet little Bex and big ol' crocodile tears welled in her precious little eyes and my heart broke right there on the spot. My girls are just not criers. Whining maybe. Fussy maybe. Only at times though, but not criers. I sat her on my lap and just held her and assured her it would be okay. By this time the welled up tears were coming out along with sobs. Bless her itty bitty bones. She loves her 'choco-lee' as she calls it so we drove to the closest place I could find and bought my baby girl some 'choco-lee'. And in hallmark Rebecca style she didn't just want some for herself, she picked out some for her teacher and for her friends at school - she was loading up. That's my baby. Just like her mama, chocolate fixes everything!


Teresa said...

Just love her!! She cracks me up. Her personality is a little like Caroline's. And yes, chocolate fixes so many things. Like magic.

Oh, and if you're still craving something lemony, check out Pioneer Woman's website today. She has a lemon dessert that looks fantastic!

And Happy Belated Referral Day for little Emma. I was in China at the time and just had Caroline for 2 days when you got your referral, but I remember that little face and those CHEEKS!! Just wanted to kiss them!

sierrasmom said...

Yep!! Nothing like chocolate to improve the mood!!!

Neeson Family said...

ahhhhhhhhh..............thank God she has a Mom and a family to help a girl out