Monday, May 10, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's dark and a tad bit on the cool side. Ballgame tonight & we needed sweatshirts.

I Am Thinking: How do parents with many children do it? I can't seem to catch up with just three.

I Am Thankful For: For my sweet husband who is working on the upstairs this week, trying to get the bedrooms back in order before my brother and sister-in-law come out to visit in June.

From The Kitchen: Brian has been a little under the weather so I actually have been cooking. Made curry beef over the weekend, grilled chicken for some make ahead dinners and then a southwest chicken/rice type bake for tonight & tomorrow.

I Am Wearing: blue shorts, gray t-shirt.

On the 'Go Organize' Front: Looks like we're getting back to that now that Brian is finishing up the rooms. Did have a chance to clean out Ryan's shorts & nice shirts from last summer. Still can't believe he's gone up two sizes! Quick - need to put a rock on his head!

I Am Going: To bed soon, 'twas a hectic night with a baseball game, dinner, baths, checking backpacks. Again, how do parents with lots of kiddos make it through all that stuff?

I Am Reading: "The Memory Keepers Daughter" - great book so far, having a hard time putting it down at night.

I Am Hoping: The colors we picked out for the rooms look nice. As much as I'd love to have 'the decorator touch', I just do not.

I Am Praying For: My hubby & son. Yet more health things going on ... thankfully the girls & I rarely get sick.

I Am Hearing: It's pretty quiet, kids in bed - tv on, Somethng about gravitational pulls, hubble telescopes, galaxies, dark matter ... there's just no way Brian and I would ever pick the same channel to watch.

Around The House: House semi-picked up, at least the kitchen is clean. Laundry to put away. Upstairs still a mess but looks like that will be fixed soon! I know Ryan will be glad to get back in his own room. Still need to go buy him a full size bed/mattress set and a new dresser. Just didn't want to do that until I knew for sure we were ready to set them up.

One Of My Favorite Things: Watching Emma with adults. She has a knack for meeting people and remembering their names. Even adults. Ryan had a ballgame tonight and Emma was being miss social on the playground and then eventually made her way up to the stands. She talked to a few parents with kids on the same team as Ryan. Went over and visited with some parents on the other team. Then of course had to visit with even more as the kids/parents were coming up for the following game. It's really cute to watch.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: Baseball game tonight, practice tomorrow and then another game on Thursday for Ryan. T-ball practice for the girls tomorrow night. So far it looks like we may actually be home on Wednesday night. Gymnastics on Thursday. Somewhere in there Ryan needs an allergy shot.

Have a great week everyone!

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