Thursday, May 13, 2010

Memory Lane

Wow, can it really be the 5 year anniversary of us leaving for China to get little Em's? What a plane ride. Louisville to Chicago where we met up with some of the families from our travel group & we indulged ourselves with Cinnabon buns. Not even out of the country and we were already in vacation mode. Chicago to Hong Kong where Ryan spoke to someone he thought he knew. Really Ryan, you thought you would be crossing paths in Hong Kong with someone from Louisville? I laugh about that to this day. Hong Kong to Beijing. Darn that was one long trip! Then we checked into a Best Western - another thing that cracked me up. A "Best Western" in Beijing, China. But it was HOT, HOT, HOT ... we couldn't sleep for it being so darn hot. The other weird thing about that hotel room is that the lights and air would not work unless the room key was inserted into a slot on the wall. Weird stuff for country peeps.

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Teresa said...

The wierd thing is that just 2 months before you went, we were in Beijing and FREEZING! Go figure!

Congratulations on 5 fabulous years with your little Sweet Pea.