Friday, May 28, 2010

Rebecca's First T-Ball Game

Sweet little Rebecca has wanted to play t-ball since last summer, even to the extent of wearing gardening gloves in lieu of a ball glove while we were playing. I wrote about that here. There were also a couple of Emma's games where Rebecca grabbed up Emma's glove and tried to go out on the field. From all that I gathered, baby girl wanted to play ball.

I was a little hesitant to sign the girls up this summer because Emma is doing so well with gymnastics and I really wanted her to stick with that but there's really no way to do both since they are on the same night. Plus, Emma really should have moved up to coach pitch ... but nonetheless, Bex wanted to play and since I'm the youngest child in my family and growing up it seems I pretty much had to do whatever my siblings did, I felt a little parental guilt and felt like we needed to do something she wanted to do.

All of that sounds so good in theory. But reality ... well, she loves it when her team is up to bat. But I think these pictures explain all to well how she feels when their team is out in the field. What is the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" ?? something like that :-)


Courtney said...

The pictures from the outfield are priceless. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

fleur de lis cottage said...

Be still my heart! I can't get enough of these photos.

Too cute!!