Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baseball According to Bex

Rebecca has now been with us for 5 months. We've always been a family on the go so from the time she landed in the 'Ville she was thrust into the action packed calendar. Basketball season was in full swing when we first got her home and that had no more finished when baseball started up for Ryan and then t-ball for Emma. So needless to say, she's seen her fair share of games and practices in these past 5 months.

Last night Ryan challenged us to a game of t-ball/baseball - the girls against the boys. Rebecca was all excited about getting to play and had a huge smile on her face and was clapping her little hands in glee. While Ryan was setting up the T and gathering up the balls, little Rebecca disappeared into the garage only to emerge with a glove on her hand. But not just any glove ... she came out with a little girl's gardening glove. This cracked me up on several fronts. First, she correctly chose just one glove and there are two pairs of girl's gardening gloves in the garage so she very well knew she needed just one. Secondly, she is left handed and she put it on her right hand to keep her left hand free for throwing the ball. I didn't catch this with my camera, but she would also do this little double clap thing while she was playing that is an exact mimic of what Ryan does when he's on the ball field. A "let's go team" kind of clap. Priceless, absolutely priceless.

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