Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catching Up & End of School Year - Part 3

Emma finished up with preschool at the end of May. Bless her little bones, she had an allergic reaction to something the night before her graduation so her little eyes were pretty poofy. That didn't stop her from smiling that dimple smile of hers though. She's so proud of herself for graduating from preschool!

It looks like she's probably going to always be the shortest one in her class. Small but mighty, that's it!


Lori Lynn said...

Oh I know how you must feel! I can't believe our sweet peas are finally going to KG. Emma is such a beauty. I think Chloe will also be the smallest girl in her class, and that's saying quite a bit because there are a lot of short Hispanic kids. We just measured Chloe this morning at 41", one inch taller than her 5th birthday in January.


Norma said...

we thought our Beth would always be tiny but this year at 11 1/2 she is shooting up like a girlies are so, hoo

Marla said...

Way to go Emma!

Short is good, just ask Dalton. Good things come in small packages.