Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Explorium of Lexington

Before meeting up with our travel group the other evening, we took the girls to the Explorium of Lexington, a hands on children's fun and learning environment. The girls LOVED being able to touch everything since typically they are hearing "don't touch" when we are out somewhere. ha. The first thing we came across when we went in was one of the waterway things where you can divert the water. Ryan & Emma had played with one of these in a children's museum in Chicago and really enjoyed it. Of course Rebecca loved it too and really didn't want to move on to anything else ... that is, until she spotted the horses. Baby girl loves horses! Then she discovered a little hospital type area with baby dolls and subsequently spent a lot of time caring for the babies. She has such a sweet little heart!

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Courtney said...

Great pictures. Looks like the girls had lots of fun!