Friday, June 5, 2009

Catching Up & End of School Year - Part 1

Okay, I realize I'm way behind and as I've mentioned before - the thought of blogging backwards just doesn't sit well with me. I hope that makes sense to someone besides me. ha.

Emma's preschool class had several outings before school was out. One was to a farm and then another was just to one of her classmate's house for fun, games and then some people from the zoo came out to give a presentation to the kiddos.

The family who hosted the event had the most magnificent tree house - check this out! Isn't it awesome?! And this picture really doesn't give it justice.

They had all kinds of fun activities but I think what Emma enjoyed the most was the zip line that ran from the tree house out to another tree. She played on that forever.

We played a game with water balloons, an egg toss and even a horse race. Well, a stick horse race that is. Lots and lots of fun!

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Jet said...

Oh WOW! I want that tree house! Too bad our backyard isn't big enough. :-)