Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayers By Bex

As most of you know, I found out the day after we returned home from China with Rebecca that my position at work had been eliminated. Trying to handle jet lag, job loss and a toddler that didn't want a whole heck of a lot to do with me was difficult to say the least and then our area was hit with a massive ice storm and we were without electricity for several days. I felt like my world was falling in around me. The ice finally melted and slowly but surely Miss Rebecca started adapting to me so things started looking up, at least if you didn't look too closely. To be perfectly honest I was in a funk. A big funk. I went on about my business though and tried keeping a smile on my face and assured everyone that I was fine. But inside I was hurting terribly bad. It wasn't that every hour of every day was bad but just in general I was down. Thankfully quite a few of my daily devotionals had things in them that I needed to hear. Like the one I blogged about that talked about getting out of the valley by continuing to move. There were several such as that one that I really needed to hear.

I can't pinpoint the time, but somewhere along the way Rebecca started praying ... she didn't just pray and ask God to provide a job but instead she started praying THANKING God for my job. The first time she did it I thought it was just an oddity, she didn't really know what she was saying but her little prayer was so sweet that I didn't say anything. Then she prayed the same thing again the next day. And the next day. And the next. This has been going on now for probably about a month. Needless to say this was just the medicine I needed to get outta' the funk. Of course I was convicted too because all along I should have been the one who was thankful because I know in my heart that God will indeed provide the perfect job and that I need to let go of mourning for the lost one. Even though I loved it I do trust that something better will eventually come along. It has to, Rebecca is already thanking our heavenly Father for it!


sierrasmom said...

I think she is thanking God for your "job" of being able to be home with her!!!!

sierrasmom said...

Its me again. I just read your post about adding another state capital to your list. If you are ever in Albany NY let me know, we are only 45 minutes away!!!!!!

Leslie said...

I just love this story about you and Bex. I know the right job will come along, but right now the only job you need is being home with your babies. God is just so gracious and smart, and loves you and your family so much.
What a great post Carolin!!!

trina said...

That is so sweet. She is such a pretty girl! Being content in "todays" circumstances is sometimes hard to do. God knows...and will provide what you need and where he thinks you should be. :)

Marla said...

Thanks for sharing! You do an awesome job, your kids are healthy, happy and God lovin kids, he is smiling!

Felicia said...

Oh, sometimes the best medicine is the sweetness and pure heart of a child. What a sweetie Bex is. God is lining the perfect job up for you!


quilt'n mama said...

I am always amazed at what our children truly understand and can pray for. Praying for you guys and hoping we get to come through there in October:)