Sunday, June 14, 2009

Open and Shut

I took this picture of Ryan on his first day of Kindergarten. He made it pretty clear that he did not need me to walk him in but he did allow me to take a few shots of him doing it himself. I was back in the van and on my way to work before the tears set in, heaven forbid I let him see me cry that day. I swear, it seems as though that was only yesterday.

In keeping with tradition I had to get a shot of him shutting the door. It would appear to me that at some point they moved the door handles down :-)
Goodbye Simpsonville Elementary ... hope you're ready for Emma to walk through the doors this fall!


Marla said...

Congrats to Ryan, look out middle school! I'm not sure any of the schools are ready for our little spicy girls.

Melissa said...

What a cute post! The world is his oyster..and Oh, how times flies fast.

I just read through all your latest posts, I just love them all and all the precious photos that go with them. You have a knack girl. ;)

Teresa said...

Aw man! You're making me cry! Peter starts 5th grade in August and Caroline starts Kindergarten! And yes, it was yesterday that he was in preschool.....He turns 10 next month.

Very cute post. I love the theme. Thank you for sharing that part of your life with us.