Tuesday, November 6, 2007

16 Month Mark

Today marks the anniversary of us being logged in for 16 months now for our next adoption. We would never in a million years dreamed that the adoption process could have slowed down so drastically. But still we wait and keep on waiting ...

In regards to paperwork for this adoption, our US approval to adopt from China expires at the end of this month so today I mailed in the necessary paperwork to secure a new approval.

The CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) updated their website on Sunday showing that the newest batch of referrals covers from 12/1/05 - 12/8/05. I can't help but wonder, just how long will it take to get through 7 more months of referrals? When will we see a picture of our baby's face? The only thing I know to do is just to keep on praying for our baby that if she is already born, that she is being cared for and loved and if she's not yet born, that her birth mother is taking care of herself and therefore of the baby.

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