Thursday, November 15, 2007

Considering Adoption

I've had writer's block lately & w/ some other things going on - just haven't gotten around to updating our blog. Hopefully after Thanksgiving I'll have some cute/funny stories to share on the munchkins.

Until then, I want to share something that I ran across while we were in the process of adopting Emma. We had experienced some issues where our paperwork was lost by the local USCIS office not just once - but twice and I had been worried about getting everything found and back on track. I'm not sure who wrote this because it was posted on one of the many adoption groups that I read so my apologies for not being able to quote the author. I've updated the name though with Emma's name because it fits so well.

"Shortly after Emma's first birthday, God granted her the unspoken wish of every orphan's heart; a loving family. It is the Father's intent that these children be entwined within the limbs of a family tree. He holds the hand of each lone child, while reaching with the other to families around the world. If it is in the purpose of God's work to join your hand to that of a child, He will be faithful to complete it. God's great faithfulness will be true as you step into the fields of the fatherless. Therefore, walk by faith, wait in hope.”

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