Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Arkansas State Capitol

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday by visiting a couple of more state Capitols for Ryan and also visiting with old friends in Texas & then were blessed to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma.

We visited the Arkansas State Capitol on November 17th & they already had it decorated for Christmas. There weren't any formal tours being given but we were given a guide book and were able to tour it at our own speed. It was interesting to read that even back in the late 1800's that there was already political shenanigans. There were issues with contractor kickbacks and such and it took a while for the building to be completed. One of the things I read noted that "this project was conceived in sin"! I need to go back and read through the brochure but I think it took 15 or 16 years to complete. Another item to note, it was built as a replica of the US Capitol.

He's now visited the following State Capitols, we have a lot more to go to reach his goal!
Missouri (we visited this one on the way home)

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