Friday, November 2, 2007

"That's Why We Praise Him - That's Why We Sing"

One thing we've discovered with Emma is that the child LOVES to sing! The problem though is that she gets stuck on one song and wants to hear it over and over again. That's fine when it's just the two of us in the car but is more of an issue when it's all of us and 3 of us want to talk while 1 of us wants to sing. But, it's always a good thing to hear your children make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Emma's "new" song is one we sing at church & also have on a cd, it's called "That's Why We Praise Him". The lyrics go along the lines of:

That's why we praise Him
That's why we sing
That's why we offer Him
Our everything
That's why we bow down
and worship the King
'Cause He gave His everything

Anyway, it will absolutely bring tears to your eyes to listen to her singing from the heart. She'll be playing in the floor and just singing. Lately we've had a few problems with Brian's older boys and it seems like the last few days had been particularly trying. When Brian & I went to buckle her in her car seat the other morning she was singing this song as he and I were talking and as he closed the van door you could still see her little mouth singing and she just had a look of complete happiness on her. It's one of those moments you just want to hold on to and remember every time you have a bad day. It seems like it just hit us both at the same time how content she is and how trusting she is of the world around her. If only we could keep that outlook forever. Brian reminded me that that is what Jesus meant when he said the kingdom of heaven is as a little child.

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