Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Double Digits - Ryan turned 10!

(We had Ryan's party at an indoor water park - in case you're wondering why the swimsuits in the middle of January).

My sweet, snuggly, big ol' boy turned 10 yesterday! I can't help but think about how quickly these past ten years have gone and can only imagine that he will be 16 in the blink of an eye. Bless his little bones, starting on Sunday he had to hear the stories and timeline of the events leading up to his birth 10 years ago. Some of the details he seemed interested in and some he didn't!

Around noon on the 20th - my water broke at work, in the break room nonetheless. I had an appointment with my doctor anyway so I was going to drive myself. Someone had already called Brian and had told me that no, I wasn't driving anywhere. I can remember thinking 'hey, wait a minute - I'm in control here'! Somewhere I had read that typically your water has to be broken for you so I had assumed that I would fall in line with the statistics and hadn't thought to prepare for that part of all this.

A co-worker drove me to my appointment where Brian was waiting for me. The doctor told me to go on to the hospital but it was a week or so before I was due so a bag was not packed. We drove to the house to pack a bag and I was taking my sweet time. I can remember Brian fussing at me to hurry up, that all of my stalling wasn't going to slow the process down. My main problem though was that I wanted to change clothes but apparently I was behind on laundry and I didn't have an "outfit" that matched. For some reason, he had absolutely no sympathy for that problem. "But I can't go to the hospital not matching" fell on deaf ears. My reasoning was that we had plenty of time, statistically speaking labor lasts 12 hours - we had plenty of time. Brian wasn't buying it so off to the hospital we went. Sure enough though, he wasn't born until after midnight so I technically did have time to do that load of laundry.

Anyway, it was kind of fun running through all those stories with him and Emma seemed to enjoy them as well. She really likes to hear me talking about Ryan kicking me back when he was still in the womb and I was at work, deep in thought working on a problem and it scaring the bejabbers out of me. Not sure why, but both of them think that is pretty funny. I suppose the way I sat when I was pregnant with him, with my belly right up to the desk bothered him or something but he would kick at the pressure.

So now 10 years later, here we are - he's up to my chin and still tries to sit in my lap even though he outgrew it several years ago. I don't discourage it though as I'm sure that all too soon he will realize he's too old for that. He's my little lovebug no matter how old he gets!

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