Thursday, January 10, 2008

Traveling to China

While Emma and I were rocking the other night, she told me that when we go to get her sister that she doesn't want to go to China. I asked her why but wasn't really getting a good reason out of her. She sat up and looked at me as sweetly as can be and told me that she wanted to stay home with me and that papa could go to China to get her sister. I told her that papa & I both have to go and explained how we both had gone to get her and that Ryan had gone too. I about fell out of the chair laughing though when she asked "Why can't papa do it himself. Wouldn't he be able to pick out the right baby?" LOL- If only it were so easy ...

We had a similar conversation the next night and this time she suggested Ryan & I go and that she stay home with papa. Again I asked why she didn't want to go and this time she told me it was because she is afraid of Panda bears. We then had to discuss how the bears are in the zoo, not just walking around on the streets. It really makes you wonder where they come up with some of the things they do!

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