Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Stuff

Emma learning to sew with Grandma.

The Finished Project
Typical Bex Baby - All Wrapped up!

One of Rebecca's favorite things to is to play with baby dolls. She will wrap them in blankets and line them all up and she is very very precise in how she arranges them. It really tickles us. I had gotten very tired of folding and putting up the baby blankets so I had sweet talked my aunt into making her some doll sized receiving blankets out of the same material that she had made blankets for all of my kiddos. These are made out of a light material, larger than the typical receiving blanket and she crochets around the edges. They are the PERFECT size for toddlers! Now the girls have doll sized ones that look just like their big ones! She also made some crocheted ones too.

I had thought we had enough blankets to cover all the babies but before too long Bex was back in the bigger blankets and I was back to picking up, folding and putting them away. I had shared this with my mom so she made Rebecca the cutest little bassinet type thingy for Rebecca. Before we made it to Oklahoma she decided to make one for Emma as well but hadn't had time to get it finished before we arrived so she let Emma work on it with her. Emma had the best time!

The baskets are too cute and the bedding is easily removed so that it can be laundered. She even made little pallet type things for the bottom of the baskets as well as matching blankets and tee-tiny pillows. Needless to say, Rebecca is having all kinds of fun with the new blankets.

Thank you mom - the girls love their baby baskets!


Felicia said...

What a great idea. I think I could just stand in the corner and watch Bex line up her baby dolls. It would entertain me as much as she's being entertained playin' with her babies. I wish I would of invited you out with us last night.

Melissa said...

I had so much fun watching Bex line up her babies...I love family that sews...that basket was precious!