Saturday, April 11, 2009

Horsin' Around in Oklahoma

We're back! We had a lot of fun in Oklahoma, everyone enjoyed meeting Miss Rebecca and she especially hit it off well with her Grandma. The drive out there, well - we'll just leave that part out of the story. By the time we hit Sulphur on Saturday afternoon, I was trying desperately hard to remember why I had thought it was such a good idea to drive that far. But seeing how well she took to everyone and how much she enjoyed meeting her extended family made the last painful hours worth it.

After we got unloaded and had eaten, Uncle Landon saddled up some horses and let them ride. Rebecca took to that like no tomorrow! Maybe we have a little cowgirl on our hands? We all got a good laugh when he let her ride by herself but he had his arm around her and she reached back and moved it out of the way and then tried taking the reins! I really would have thought that a big ol' horse would have scared her but that wasn't the case at all.


Felicia said...

What a fun time with family. Rebecca is so spunky and has no fear...that is awesome. I love all the pics and I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter.

Jet said...

You can tell she LOVES it; the expression on her face is priceless!!!


Wendy said...

You did it and made it to and from OK safe and sound. I can't imagine driving 14 hours with kids. You are brave. Sounds like it was well worth the effort for the family to meet Rebecca. Rebecca and Emma looks adorable on that horse. I used to have horses, too and thought I always would but they are expensive! We had ours at home and it wasn't that big a deal, but we live in suburbia and it's not so easy. I have no idea how my mother found the time to take care of all of us plus horses, cows, donkeys, cats, dogs, etc.

Melissa said...

Look at those cutie-pies riding like they been around the rodeo a few times!

Great to see you all in Target and looking forward to catching up on Thursday. ;)


sierrasmom said...

She sure looks great on a horse!!! Can't wait to get Sierra on one. She loves them and is not afraid at all!!!!Glad you made it home safe and sound!