Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goodness Sakes Alive - Emma is now 5!

A tradition I have had with the children is that we go out and do something special on their birthday to have some special one on one time. This worked well when it was just Ryan but became more difficult to do after we added Emma and then Rebecca. Thankfully the children have enjoyed including their siblings in their special outings, last year Emma even invited Ryan to go along.

A new tradition was added with Emma. We had received her referral before she turned one but had not yet traveled so my friends at work were kind to take me out for lunch and celebrate her birthday - even if it was without her. For her second and subsequent birthdays my friends have taken both of us out for lunch and showered her with some special time. Well, now that I'm no longer working with these friends I really hadn't thought about this annual outing and when one of the friends emailed and asked to meet for lunch on Tuesday, it still didn't dawn one me. Thankfully Brian knew what was up though and I felt like the class dunce that I hadn't put 2 + 2 together.

The girls and I met up with my friend yesterday and we took the girls to Cafe Lou Lou - which is funny in itself because of the pet names we have for Emma is "loo-loo". After our delicious and girly lunch we walked down to Dundee Candy and partook of some chocolate!

Then last night we took her out to celebrate at Chicago Pizza where on Tuesday nights the kids can make their own pizzas. Lots and lots of birthday fun!


jiangxigirls said...

Happy birthday Emma! I hope you had as great a day as it sounds! How nice that your friends remembered your special outing....

Melissa said...

What a FAB day! I love Cafe Lou Lou's...their calazone's are the bomb.

Happy birthday sweet girl!

quilt'n mama said...

Looks like you guys have done a lot of great celebrating! Cafe LouLou looks awesome and I love the make your own pizzas. It's so fun to catch a peek of all your kiddos! Rebecca seems to be fitting right in:)