Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Bigger The Better

Since I typically share the sweet stuff here, thought I'd share a little of the 'sour' tonight.

The girls have gymnastics on Thursday nights and Emma's class isn't over until 7:30 so needless to say they are hungry little dumplings by that time. I typically stop by W*ndy's on the way for a couple of orders of the chicken nuggets to tide them over. So tonight for some reason instead of giving me two orders as I had ordered, they put all of the nuggets in one larger container. Well, that just doesn't work well for two children so I asked the chicka for an extra container. Problem solved, right? Wrong. She hands me one of the container things that is the size they use for one order of nuggets. I divided the nuggets, handed one container to one child and the other container to the other child ... how could that possibly be a problem you might ask? Well, apparently Emma noticed that Rebecca's was bigger than hers and I had to hear how unfair that was. Fo' crying out loud. Tried explaining that they had each been given the same number of nuggets and really, that's all that matters. Not sure she ever believed me, but she did drop it ... so we're going down the road, each enjoying their snack when I hear Rebecca quietly say to her sister "haha - mine is BIGGER than yours".

Ahhh, the bond of sisterhood. Need I say more.


amy said...

If it makes you feel better its developmentally appropriate for children this age to think if a container is bigger it holds more. There is an experiment(I thinks Piaget) where you take a short glass and fill it and then pour it into a taller glass and they will say there is more because its a larger glass. Your kiddos are right on track:)

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

haha!we deal with this every day with the boys too. drives my bonkers... do they truly think that their beloved momma tries to slight them all the time... Sillies!