Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Emma!

Today we celebrate Emma's 6th Birthday!!! What a wonderful day to celebrate!

When thinking about her special day, I can't help but think of her birth family in China and how I wish there was some way of letting them know the treasure she is to us. Loved beyond measure, she is! She just lights up a room when she walks in, never meets a stranger and in general just makes life fun. She has a way making just a stroll down the street fun. She skips happily along, not a care in the world - her great big smile, pretty little face and that big ol' dimple shining for the world to see. And her little hands, there's just nothing that makes my heart warmer than when she slips her little hand in mine. It just makes you feel as though all is well in the world.

Our thankfulness will never cease, we thank our God and Father for making it possible for her to be our daughter. I think of all the weird things that went wrong with the paper work for her adoption and can't help but smile knowing that all those things just had to have happened for a reason.

We love you little Emma bug. Our little peanut, sugah-lump, monkey, lou-lou, lou-la-belle ... regardless of the pet name we may use, you'll ALWAYS be our blessing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma, we love you. You have blessed so many people including us!!
Scott, Kristie, Adam, Alex and Jenna

Lori Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I cannot help but think of my girls' birthparents on their birthdays too. I really wish they could know that all is well.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

Jet said...

Hope you had a great birthday Emma; we hope to meet you someday!