Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Today

Outside my window: It's dark and warm, beautiful day in the 'Ville! Bright sunny sky today, play time in the park for the kiddos and time to visit with a very special friend.

I Am Thinking: Of summer. Flip flops. Sunscreen. The smell of trees and fresh air. And even chlorine. Vacation to the Outer Banks in July just can't get here soon enough.

I Am Thankful For: For my sweet husband. I know I say that a lot, but I am. He's such a good guy, so fun to be with. And yes he drives me crazy at times, but I just love being with him, being married to him, heck - even hanging out in the den watching tv and surfing with him. And - he makes me laugh. A lot. He's so ornery but yet you would never really know that just to meet him.

From The Kitchen: The kitchen? Hmmm. Was craving something lemony and a buddy of mine pointed out a lemon crumb bar recipe on the PW site. Oh my my ... can you say yummy?!!! I've made 3 batches now! Also made Swiss Steak last week, not as good as my mom's but not bad.

I Am Wearing: black shorts, pink t-shirt. No socks. Now that sandal weather is upon us, I realize I need a pedicure.

On the 'Go Organize' Front: What's that?

I Am Going: Back to work in less that 12 hours. Why is it weekends pass by so quickly?

I Am Reading: Just finished "Peony In Love". Great book!

I Am Hoping: The rooms get finished, soon. Brian did work on our closet this weekend but then we said the heck w/ projects today & spent some quality time at the park.

I Am Praying For: The ability to remember to let go of those things I can't control. Trust that Our Savior is who He says He is. Know that it's all going to be okay. Remind mysef that my trust doesn't need to be in finances. Or lack thereof. And most of all, that my trust needs to be in Him and Him alone.

I Am Hearing: The floor creaking above me, which is odd ... the kiddos are supposed to be in bed. Hmm.

Around The House: Floors vacummed. Kitchen floor mopped, downstairs bathroom cleaned ... An attempt at cleaning this weekend, but still have some more laundry to put away and cleaing to do upstairs. Guess that's one of those things that's just never completely done.

One Of My Favorite Things: Watching my litte ones enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having. Watching them run and play and laugh ... makes my soul smile.

A Few Plans For The Rest of The Week: We had somewhat of an easy week this past week with it being spring break, but back to reality this week. Brian has a deacon meeting on Monday which means I'll have to take Ryan to baseball practice. Need to get a party planned for Miz Emma's 6th birthday. Was going to have a cookout until Emma's eyes swelled almost shut from being at the park this afternoon. Bless her poor little allergic laden bones. Not really sure what plan B will be. I wouldn't mind just a small family party for her, but that's not easy to do since we do not have any family here :-( . Making a dessert for a co-workers birthday on Wednesday. Such a nice, nice man. Gymnastics for the girls on Thursday. Also need to make an eye appointment for little Bex, the Lion's club did a pre-screening type thing at her preschool and she several areas they marked as having an issue. I tried googling what the issue(s) could be, but it was way over my head. Also need to make appointments for Rebecca for OT. Found some other problems in some testing she had not too long ago. Bless her little bones too. Hopefully after getting her eyes checked and therapy started then some things will be easier/better for her.

Have a great week everyone!


amy said...

Trace and I will be the family for the small family party :)

Teresa said...

You're welcome on the lemon bars :)

fleur de lis cottage said...

Love what you're praying for and hope Ava's outdoor party didn't bother Miss Emma's eyes!