Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Legislative Process

Some of you may remember that Ryan attended KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) back in the winter. It was a weekend spent learning about government and the legislative process. He had a great time! And hopefully, just hopefully he learned a little too. I was really tickled that he wanted to go, especially since he enjoys visiting state Capitols and learning the history of each one. He even has a goal of visiting all 50, not sure how we're going to make it to all of them, but we'll give it the old college try!

A few weeks ago he had the honor of serving as our local representative's personal page and it gave me the chance to have the afternoon with Ryan. We stopped and had lunch on the way, Panera to boot - just the two of us and then we even had dinner that evening - just the two of us. It was nice, getting to have him all to myself. But I digress. My plan really hadn't been to stay there at the Capitol with him all afternoon but that's what I ended up doing and I enjoyed listening to the debates going on and listening to the arguments on things I didn't even know were items on the agenda. But, the highlight of my afternoon ... well, it had to do with Ryan and a very cute little 15 year old swimmer who sat next to him in the chambers. There was some heavy duty flirting going on and it just tickled my funny bone. Here he is, there to learn about the legislative process and instead he's struttin' his 12 year old stuff and chit chatting with a cute little chicka.

I know I don't talk much about my side of the family, but my paternal grandfather was a state representative and later a state senator in my home state of Oklahoma. My cousin sent this to me not too long ago when I asked if she had any representative/alumni type photos. Unfortunately she had to scan it in in two separate pieces - but I'm thankful to get whatever I can!

So, here's Ryan's great-grandfather in a picture from 1933.

Of course I couldn't help but think back to my grandfather as I spent my afternoon in the house chambers. And I also couldn't help but wonder what is in Ryan's future? Just what is he destined to do in his future?

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that little guy?

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momwithfaithandhope said...

What a neat family story. Perhaps your little guy will carry on the legacy! Be proud Mom!!