Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Traditions

Somehow attending the Shelby County Fair has become a Hunter family tradition.  This year was no exception - not sure what the kids would do if we ever told them we were skipping a year.  I think we'd have a mutiny on our hands!

There was a slight change this year though, there was a rodeo going on the night we were there.  Not sure how much of this I've shared but I grew up with horses and either attended or participated in more rodeos than I could ever say grace over.  My kiddos though ... well, they don't know much about horses.  Or rodeos.  Or cowboys.  Or rodeo clowns.  Or livestock.  If only I could have had a recorder or a notepad with me that night.  Girlfriends asked a LOT of questions.  And funny questions too.

We had walked down and were looking at the various cattle - there were calves which I explained were for calf roping.  Steers for steer wrestling and team roping.  The girls were asking questions faster than I could explain anything and while there was a short pause - I looked at Rebecca as she was studying a steer with a questioning look on her face and she asked "are those ears real?"  The funny thing is, she was asking about his horns!  Just wish  I could remember the rest of their questions, I just remember being in stitches pretty much the whole evening.

They were in awe of ol' mom though when I told them I used to do some of those events and of course they had to tell people the rest of the night that their momma used to be in the rodeo! 

Fun times!

Does the "Tea Party" have a new logo?  :-)

Does this make then 'Tea Party' members?


sierrasmom said...

I am a big fan of county fairs!!! Looks like so much fun!!!

Courtney said...

I love county fairs. I always take Logan every year.