Saturday, July 16, 2011


Between Ryan, Emma and now Rebecca it seems like we've been through many seasons of t-ball and yet it still cracks me up to see the shenanigans of the little ones.  From the 2.3 second attention span of some of the kids to the crouched down playing in the dirt - those are images I'll carry around in my mind for a life time.  During warm up the other night Rebecca was throwing the ball back and forth with a little guy, he would throw (or roll) the ball to her she'd get it and before she could ever roll it back he would be off in never ever land and not even see the ball roll by.  Funny times. 

But just like some other 'lasts' we're experiencing this year - sadly this will be our last season of t-ball so I'm relishing every little moment.

The bad thing though, those blue shirts don't make nearly as cute of pictures as the orange ones from last year!


Courtney said...

They are so cute at that age playing sports. I am hoping Logan will start a sport next summer.

jj frog's mom said...

I didn't know Rebecca was a lefty... Start grooming her to be a first baseman. (Amy is a lefty too! And, while Jillian writes with right hand, she does many things with her left.)

Teresa said...

Looks like Becca is a lefty like Caroline! Cool!!

Little league can be a lot of fun, albeit time-consuming! :)

Kristie said...

Love the pictures, you take awesome photos!