Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Busy Summer

Our sweet son Ryan has been a man on the move this summer, but really it's been that way the last few years too.  Since he was little he has always liked being on the go.  Likes going new places  & checking out new things.  He enjoys meeting new people and making new friends.  And me, well - I enjoy him being that way so it's a win win situation!

So far this summer he went to 4H camp, CNASA (a science/technology camp in Ada, OK for Chickasaw children), Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama and now this week he is at church camp.  Makes me go whewww just typing it!

Heading off to Space Camp in Huntsville ... Kinda hard sending your child on a plane by himself.  But to him it was no big deal!

Sweet little friend from church - they've known each other since they were 3

We have this special thing we do when we're alone ... we share a vanilla bean frappachino from Starbucks!
Prayers for the kids before they headed off to church camp

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