Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plan Vs Actual

When it comes to traveling, I have a precise way I like to do things.  From packing the suitcases to packing the van ... to what is w/in arms reach of the van - and what's not ... I've got my way.  And it's the best way.  Haha. 

But what's the saying, something about the best made plans?  The funny thing is - as much as I have a plan - I have 4 others who don't always go along with it.

Here's some examples. 
  • The plan - the van is full when we leave so that we can get several hours down the road before we have to stop.  Actual - Just about an hour of town we have to stop because someone I know and love had several cups of coffee before we left.
  • The plan - I pack a cute little carrier with healthy snacks.  The main reason is financial - so that we do not end up buying things at every stop.  Actual - First stop, Brian buys coffee and the kids declare it's not fair so we end up with beef jerky and chips.  Those chips go well with a just vaccummed van.
  • The plan - a dollar store bag of goodies so that when the little ones get restless I can pull something out of my bag of tricks and that will buy another hour or so of peace.  Actual - silly me bought one package of sticky notes thinking of how much fun they would have with them.  Did I mention the one package was $1?  After them arguing over who got what for 10 minutes I was kicking myself for not buying another set.  Heck, as aggravated as I was I was wishing I had bought every pack of stickies they had. 
I think the picture is clear so I'll stop there :-)  So very thankful when I get the hotel in my sight!


Teresa said...

Sometimes the best vacations are at the spa - no kids allowed.

Actually the best family vacation we took was a weekend cruise to Mexico - relatively cheap and the food and entertainment was taken care of. All I had to do was relax.

The fun part of this though is that you get to blog about it and have a good laugh! :)

Lori Lynn said...

You'll have a great time when you get to wherever you are going! Enjoy the adventure and take notes for better planning next time.

I'd also tell the kids that coffee doesn't count as a snack and they can just eat the things you packed for them.

rachel garber said...

Love this - love how the silliest thing (a pad of stickie notes) causes all the problems.