Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthday Card from Emma

Emma's daycare teachers told me that on my birthday Emma wanted to make me a birthday card and that she started in on them early that morning asking them to help her. She asked them to write down what she wanted to tell me (is there a little CEO in training here?). When I went to pick her up that evening they were all very tickled with the card and with Emma's insistence on making me a card ... and they were very, very tickled with what Emma wanted to get me for my birthday. See if you can pick out what it was that was so funny to them, it took me a few minutes to get what they were saying:

“I Love My Mommy’s Birthday Party”

I love you so much. We go on vacation. I like her birthday party so much. She is going to be 22. I love my dad so much too. We go to Chicago. I want to give her a big coffee pot and a big tree and a big big momma screwdriver.

All the giggling and carrying on had to do with the screwdriver. They wanted to know if I really wanted a screwdriver. Of course I do, I replied! Which brought on more giggling with the teachers. You see, I want my own personal screwdriver that lives in the house, preferrably the kitchen and no one else is allowed to use. I would really prefer a small set that has both the flat thingy and the phillips thingy and in several sizes. A set in it's own cute little container would even be better. I had my own screwdrivers & even a hammer before we married but somehow post wedding and several moves, my tools have ended up with his tools and live happily ever after in a garage that I can't find a confounded thing in. So, there it is - I desired tools for my birthday. I suppose that's what happens when you get old. And the reason the teachers were carrying on ... their thoughts were more along the lines of an adult beverage of that name! Like I said, it took me a few minutes to figure out what they thought was so funny.

My favorite thing about the card - my precious baby thinks I'm 22. Now that's good!

And the thing I thought funny - was the "big big momma screwdriver". How do you ask a 3 year old where the comma was meant to be? Is that a "big, 'big momma' screwdriver" or just a "big - big" screwdriver? hmmm ...

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