Wednesday, February 13, 2008

League Champions!

Ryan is #7

Ryan's basketball team played in the championship game this past Saturday and played a team that had previously beaten them twice during the regular season. In fact, the green team had gone into the last game undefeated. But the kids came out ready to play & ready to win! They won by 1 point in the last few seconds of the game!!!

Go Team Go!

Something about watching those kids play basketball renders me tongue-tied. In the playoff game I was getting all wound up because Ryan's shots were just not going in and the game was neck in neck. Brian ended up giving me the speech about not getting wound up, it's just a game, etc. and I told him I understood but that if all those shots had gone in we would be 12 points ahead and then I followed that up with "yeah, but if pigs had flies they'd wing". Then while discussing another team I mentioned that one of the little players was a "bog haul" ... I tell you, I just can't carry on a conversation with a good ball game going on in front of me!