Monday, February 11, 2008

Circus Time

We took the kiddos to the circus last week & had the best time! Ryan & Emma both were mesmerized by the show and really enjoyed themselves. We had joked that we may not want Emma to see some of the acrobatic parts thinking she might just try something wild in gymnastics! But we asked her if she wanted to try some of those things and she told us "No Way!". Thank goodness.

Emma's favorite part of the evening were all of the pretty colors in the different costumes as well as the "swinging stuff". She's now saying she liked the clowns but she didn't want them any where near her when we first got there.

Ryan's favorite part was a big ol' round iron cage thing and had 4 motorcyles riding around in it. Then they added one more motorcycle rider ... and then TWO MORE! It was amazing to watch. I just know that had I been involved, all the bikes would have been in one big heap in the bottom! I just can't imagine the timing and precision involved to make something like that go off without a hitch.

Oh ... and from my perspective, their favorite part of the evening:
Ryan: Caramel apple
Emma: Cotton Candy (she had it EVERYWHERE)

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