Monday, February 18, 2008

You're Taking Chances If You Spend the Night with Us.

Emma & Ryan have two older half brothers who are quite a bit older (28 & 23) and they were here this past weekend. Jesse, the oldest, stayed through Sunday and had told us that he wanted to go to church with us, however we could not get him to stir come Sunday a.m. For some reason he always sleeps in the basement when he is here even though we have a fairly nice guest room. I think he probably stays up late watching tv or surfing. Anyway, Brian had tried to get him up - I had tried getting him up (talk about memories of when he was a teen coming flooding back) and even Emma had tried to get him up. But nothing was getting him to stir so we just let him be and headed on out the door for church. We went out to eat after church, visited a while and basically took our sweet time and didn't get home until later in the afternoon. We had just changed clothes and had sat down to read the paper when we heard a knock on the door - but it didn't sound like our regular door, it sounded much closer. Emma had a funny look on her face and we sent her to see who was there. As she rounded the corner we heard another knock and I asked her if it was coming from the basement. It indeed was ...

We have no idea what possessed the little 3 feet of full stinker, but she had LOCKED the door to the basement and poor Jesse was stuck there until we got home. He could have exited through the garage I suppose, but the front door was locked. So for all intents and purposes he was in lockdown.

So, if you want to visit the Hunter clan - make sure you go with us when we go or make darn sure you're not hanging out in the lower portion of the house when we leave.

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