Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From One Extreme to Another

I'm trying desperately to clean up my hard drive and am finding it terribly difficult to delete pictures, even bad pictures. It took forever (and a gazillion) cd's to copy off 2005 to 2007 to cd so I'm making a belated new year's resolution to delete pictures that just do not need to be kept such as blurry ones, or 50 that look almost alike. It's very difficult for me to delete pictures of my children, even if the picture is bad.

Anyway, I started with 2008 since I already have the rest backed up. Then I ran into a few I hadn't posted! Oh boy!

Emma Sweet (I love this outfit, my brother & sister-in-law bought it for her for Christmas in 06. She was able to wear it that year as well as 07!!! We're saving it for her little sister too, it looks so grownup!).

Emma on Sweets

These were taken at the circus a few weeks ago:

Baby Girl LIKES that Cotton Candy

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