Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn Moon Festival

Picking Pumpkins With Panache!

Letter to Rebecca

Our local FCC (Families With Children From China) organization hosted an autumn moon festival this past weekend. The last few years they have had it out at a farm in our county and it's just a beautiful, scenic area. Have I mentioned yet how much we love Kentucky? :-)

It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with other adoptive families and to have some down time to just let the kids run and play. There was a petting zoo, hay ride, pumpking picking and hay bales to play on. What more could you ask for!

One special part of the evening is where the children write notes (or have parents write notes) to their birth families in China and those notes are attached to red balloons and released. This year Emma opted to send a note to Rebecca instead of to her birth family. Brian helped her with the note & she had him write:

"Dear Rebecca -

I hope you will join our family soon.
I like my family.
We can get a swing and play together"


Marla said...

Looks like you all had a great day also. Maybe next year we can celebrate together.

Felicia said...

Oh how what a fun time the moon festival is. What a sweet letter Emma wrote to Rebecca.

Amy said...

What a great big sister Ms. M is going to be! Could you ask for a sweeter kiddo?