Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running Ryan ...

We get such a kick out of Ryan, I swear that child wants to do everything. He plays two seasons of baseball each year and then there is basketball. He recently signed up for band at school and is now toting around a saxophone. Last year he ran in our little town's fall festival and so of course he just had to do it again this year. We teased him on Saturday and told him he had his own little "iron-man" thing going on because he had a really long baseball practice on Friday night, up early for the race on Saturday and then had a baseball game right after the race. He was one stinky-sweaty boy!

He came in fourth in his age division for the 5k and beat his time from last year.

Surely this doesn't mean we're starting a new hobby ... :-) But it would be okay I guess if he does!


Marla said...

What a awesome little guy you have. Dalton was sad when I told him he wasn't coming Sunday. Tell him to pencil us in when he gets a minute. :o)

Felicia said...

Go Ryan. Catching up after the power outage. See you at the Moon Festival :)