Thursday, September 18, 2008

We've Been Re-Fingerprinted

Brian & I had appointments down at the federal building this morning to have our fingerprints retaken. One thing marked off that "todo" list!

This was our 3rd, yes THIRD time to be fingerprinted for this adoption. The first was in April of 2006, then June 2007 & now. Goodness I'm glad this is the last time!

Through our first adoption we found out that I have troublesome fingerprints. For some reason they are just really hard to read. It took several instances of rejections/retakes and then a kind hearted FBI agent in Texas who had to listen to my crying and carrying on to get someone who would actually read mine. During that time I read about using Cornhuskers Lotion to aid in getting good prints. It works well, but holy moley that stuff stinks! I had taken my bottle along this a.m. and had slathered up before they were taken and the computer didn't throw up like it typically does.

I told Brian that I'm going to go home tonight and have a ceremonial throwing away of the cornhuskers lotion since this is our last child ... he said I may want to hang on to that lotion. Will there be another little Hunter after Rebecca??? Hmmm ...

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Marla said...

One step closer to your sweet Rebecca, congrats.