Friday, September 19, 2008

Overwhelmed With Household Chores

Okay friends - I need some input. How do you handle household chores in your house? I'm just overwhelmed these days with a messy house and have yet to find a system that works. Ryan & Emma both get an allowance each week and part of the deal is that there are certain chores they are supposed to do. There are a few problems with this.

1. We're gone so darn much that it's hard to ask them to do chores when we get home when really they need to just take their baths and go to bed.

2. They get their allowance regardless of whether the chores are done or not. Meaning, the amount of money or actually getting the money is not really tied to the work. Which is fine with me because I want them to be cognizant of the idea that we all need to work together and that that is just part of being a family.

3. They will do things when I ask, but surely I'm not the only person in the house who realizes the trash can is full. This one drives me CRAZIEST of all.

So - any ideas? I read something the other day about kids having a chart where cards are posted on their chores and if they complete all the chores on their sheet then they get a 'mom buck'. At the end of the week they can redeem their mom bucks at a 'chore store'.

It sounds good in theory but the two problems I see with this is:

1. We don't need more "stuff" in our house.
2. This sounds like more work for me!

Opinions, ideas, suggestions?
Valium? (just kidding on that one).

An overwhelmed Carolin ... counting the # of remaining ball games in the season ...

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Jodee Leader said...

We are in the same exact boat! In fact, I need to start a chore chart soon!

Unfortunately, I don't have any good tips for you. I have just learned to live with the clutter and chaos! I do believe incentive charts work fairly well though.