Monday, September 29, 2008

Speaking My Love Language

Brian & I took a class based on the book “The Five Love Languages of Children” a couple of years ago at our church. Part of the class included learning what your own love language is as well as the love language of your spouse. Basically, it helps you understand those things in life that make you feel the most loved. The categories (as I remember them) are:

 Words of Affirmation
 Quality Time
 Receiving Gifts
 Acts of Service
 Physical Touch

I was really surprised at what my primary love languages were because had I been asked to choose, I probably would have picked something else. But after taking the quiz and thinking about the results, I knew the outcome of my quiz was right. My love languages are ‘Acts of Service’ and ‘Quality Time’. Which makes a lot of sense because I absolutely love it when people do things for me and the time I most treasure is time spent with my family and with friends. And acts of service that I treasure are not necessarily the big things in life either. What some may consider inconsequential can absolutely make my day.

As an example, I came home the other night and in the foyer was a wide array of things to step over: baseball bag, cleats, dirty socks, two back packs, roller blades and seemingly more. You can see our kitchen table from the doorway and it was covered with newspaper, mail and all kinds of things that Brian had brought in from cleaning the van the night before. My heart just sank and my mood went south. I didn’t say anything though because I’m so thankful that Ryan loves playing baseball & rollerblading and I was more than thankful that Brian had cleaned out the van because it had been a mess. I ventured into the kitchen and it was a mess too, but thankfully Brian had dinner ready and waiting for us. Again, I didn’t say a fussy word at all.

We had our dinner and I ventured upstairs to change clothes only to discover that Brian had been working on the upstairs and had done some of the household chores that I severely dislike. My eyes welled up with thanksgiving. I could have kissed his feet, but he had left for church. I promise, the man couldn’t have bought me 12 dozen roses and made me any happier. A diamond ring pales in comparison to coming home to a sparkly clean bathroom and bedroom.

Emma likes to say “Thank you Jesus for friends”. Well, I was saying a big “Thank you Jesus for my wonderful husband” that night!


Marla said...

Oh the little things that makes us smile. So glad we have our wonderful husbands.

Felicia said...

What a special guy. Thank heavens for awesome hubbies.

Mia-Bella said...

What a wonderful story about such a thoughtful guy! We are all so fortunate to have good husbands. Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words.

Life is an amazing and unpredictable journey, and I always would like to turn the page sometimes to see what the next chapter will be, but God always wants you to read the whole story first. :)

You are the kindest soul, I am so happy to have met you! I'm praying hard that you get to have Rebecca in your arms soon.