Tuesday, July 1, 2008

12 - 10 ... Go Yankees!!!

Last night was the final night of baseball season. The first game was where the Yankees finished up their rained-out game from last week - and they won. They then came back and played the same team for the championship! Oh my goodness it was one emotional game. We were down by 4 in the first inning and then ever so slowly caught back back and then won by 2. Talk about some excited boys! And parents! Both teams played a good game and played their little hearts out.

There was one really fun play where one of our little guys who is a really good player was caught in a run down play between 3rd and home - he was almost to home, the ball was thrown in - he hightailed it back to 3rd with the ball beating him back so he headed back to home ... as I said, the little guy can flat run ... this went back and forth. The two guys trying to tag him are fairly big players who are really good players too and they were determined to get little Riley and Riley was bound and determined to scamper past them. He ended up getting called out for being outside the line but at least he wasn't tagged out. I was telling Brian later that I was watching Riley's eyes and you could see pure enjoyment in them because those big guys couldn't catch him - Brian said he was watching the other team's player and that he had pure determination in his eyes that he was going to catch Riley. I really do not even like baseball all that well and I got goosebumps from that play!

Ryan finally got a good hit with one right down the baseline, I think he made it to third on that one. Twice though he was up to bat with us having two outs already and the bases were loaded ... and he struck out. That's when I have to really fight the maternal instinct to not go down and hug him in front of all of his friends. Of course he wasn't the only one that happened to but you could still see the pain on his poor little face. No matter how many times you tell him even the pros strike out, it still hurts.

Want to take a guess as to what was missing last night? My camera. Dabnabbit. I had it laying out with the boys snacks but somehow it got left behind when my better half left the house. I took the pictures above with my camera phone, which I guess is better than nothing.

Ryan and several of his buddies will be moving up to the major league so from what I undertand that move will take place with the fall ball league. My baby is growing up way too fast for me.


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