Thursday, July 24, 2008

M's Green Beans

I've shared the story about Emma and our friends that feed her green beans ... well, not too long ago they let Emma plant some of her "own" green beans in their garden. She was invited out this past weekend to pick them! You just can't imagine how tickled one little girl can be over a patch of green beans! It's too bad we do not live next door to these kind people as I think she and Emma would be the best of buddies.

So last night we were able to snap them and fix them with dinner. I think Emma had as much fun doing that as she did actually picking them. She and Ryan both went on and on about how yummy those beans were.

Maybe we need to move to the country so my babies could enjoy the blessings of a garden!


Leslie said...

Yummy to my tummy. I bet they were good.

Marla said...

Such good pictures of Miss E, funny that our girls love green beans.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Leah LOVES green beans, she would have been right there with Emma pickin' away.

Thank you for your sweet note about Shawn and the very thoughtful scripture, that meant a lot to us!