Thursday, July 17, 2008

Positional Verbiage

We've been blessed to have onsite daycare and therefore Emma commutes to work with me. The drive is about 30 minutes each way with most of the drive being on an interstate. Emma and I pass the time chit chatting or singing along with the radio and we have just a grand ol' time. We also pass the time checking out other cars. We've found that counting cars is also a good way to keep a little dumpling busy, especially on fussy days. For some reason, yellow cars are her favorite to count. Lately it's been jeeps and mustangs. A yellow mustang would probably really have her clapping & carrying on like a rock band groupie!

The other funny thing she does is that she likes to give me driving instructions. Nothing like having a 4 year old back seat driver. But she's always wanting me to get in the fast lane, or pass that car, or get behind the yellow car - on and on. Which brings me to a funny thing she says. When Emma is talking about the positions of cars, they are either:

  • Behind us.
  • Beside us.
  • BE-FRONT of us

It doesn't matter how many times I tell her, the term is "INfront", she still says "BEfront".

It's a pretty logical assumption if you think about it long enough :-)


4ever4some said...

It makes sense to me. I love how literal kids are. Cute story.

Anonymous said...

I love that you all get to have that special time in the morning...and how fortunate you are to work for such a fantastic employee that recognizes how important work/family life is.

Cute story!